The most famous mexican receipe Guacamole.
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Os Italianos inventaram e nós desvendamos o segredo da Bruschetta.
Aproveite o verão e saboreie a Salada Crocante.

Lemon pie

Ingredients for the filling:
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
3 lemons, juiced

Pour the ingredients into a blender and blend well.

Ingredients for the topping:

3 egg whites
3 tablespoons sugar

Whip the egg whites and combine with the sugar, making a meringue. Use the Basic Dough for Sweet Pies. Cover the dough with the filling and cover it with the topping. Take it to the oven and bake until the meringue is golden.

flag_br[2] Torta de limão


Passion fruit Mousse

2 cans cream
2 cans sweetened, condensed milk
2 cans passion fruit juice

Preparation method:
Pour everything in a blender and blend for about 10 minutes. Pour in the serving dish and leave it in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

flag_br[2] Mousse de Maracujá


Sea bass with passion fruit sauce

500g (17.63 oz) sea bass, seasoned to taste
6 tablespoons passion fruit juice concentrate
2 teacups water
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon artificial sweetener for baking
1 tablespoon powdered ginger
Pulp from 1 passion fruit

Preparation method:
Grill the sea bass using no oil, and set aside. Cook the other ingredients until they thicken. Serve the fish with the sauce.
Yields 2 servings.

flag_br[2] Badejo ao molho de Maracujá


Shrimp, mango and crab sticks salad

This salad is perfect for the hot days of summer.


1 head of lettuce
1 mango (not too mature)
500g (17.63 oz) Atlantic seabob shrimps (small)
1 package crab sticks

Preparation method:

Large plate:
Wash the lettuce, cut it roughly and place it in the serving dish. Shred the crab sticks and sprinkle them over the lettuce. On top of that, scatter the shrimps, cooked and seasoned, and lastly put the small chopped mango.

Individual servings:
Cut the washed lettuce into thin slices. Place them at the bottom of a dessert plate. Place the shredded crab sticks on each plate, as well as the shrimps – and, just before serving, the mango.

Yields 4 individual servings.

flag_br[2] Salada de Camarão e manga


Garlic bread

2 garlic cloves
½ teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons margarine
1 teaspoon herbs
1 teaspoon chopped parsley
1 baguette

Preparation method:
Mash the garlic and the salt until you get an even mass, and then add the pepper, butter and herbs. Mix well. Cut the baguette in half and then cut each half in uniform slices measuring about 2 cm (0.8 inches), but do not cut them all the way through (the bread should remain in one piece). Spread pâté on both sides of each slice of bread. Wrap the breads in tin foil and warm them in medium heat (in a preheated oven) for 15 minutes (time may vary according to the oven). Unwrap the tin foil and serve while hot.

flag_br[2] Pão de Alho


Cookies – Caipirinhas

250g (8.81 oz) butter
125g (4.40 oz) sugar
4 yolks
500g (17.63 oz) wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder

Preparation method:
Knead all of the ingredients together. Make small balls, smash them lightly and leave a hole in the middle. Once baked and cooled serve with some strawberry jam topping.

flag_br[2] Caipirinhas – Biscoitos


Shrimp salad with golf sauce


For the salad:
120g (4.23 oz) cooked shrimps
75g (2.64 oz) lettuce
30g (1.05 oz) carrots
30g (1.05 oz) cucumbers
20g (0.70 oz) mushrooms

For the sauce:
50g (1.76 oz) cream
25g (0.88 oz) ketchup
25g (0.88 oz) mayonnaise
1 teaspoon cognac
Salt to taste

Preparation method:

For the sauce:
Combine all the ingredients and gently stir.

For the salad:
Cut the lettuce into strips, grate the carrot into threads, cut the cucumber in peel, into thin slices, and slice the mushrooms. Mix all the ingredients. Arrange the salad in the plate, distribute the shrimps and serve with the golf sauce.

flag_br[2] Salada de Camaraões ao molho golfe


Apple mayonnaise

6 apples, peeled and chopped
100g (3.52 oz) raisins
50g (1.76 oz) walnuts
Mayonnaise to taste

Preparation method:
Peel the apples and chop them into cubes (not too small) and set aside. Roughly chop the walnuts and mix the raisins. Add the chopped apples with the other ingredients and mix until the flavors have combined. Keep it in the fridge for 2 or 3 hours to cool. Garnish with some lettuce leaves.

flag_br[2] Maionese de maçã


Tare Sauce (bittersweet sauce)


1 garlic clove

20g (0.70 oz) minced ginger

2 ½ tablespoons sugar

80 ml (2.70 oz) corn syrup

300 ml (10.14 oz) soy sauce


Preparation method:

Combine all the ingredients in a pan and heat until it boils. Let it cool and serve.

flag_br[2] Molho Tare



600g (21.26 oz) dark chocolate
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon Amarula liqueur (this can be replaced for other alcoholic beverages, but keep in mind some of them do not make good matches for chocolate)
1 can cream

Preparation method:
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Add all of the ingredients (add the cream last), stirring slowly. Cover it, wrapping it in plastic wrap, and let it sit in the fridge for a day. Then make the balls and roll them over chocolate powder.

flag_br[2] Trufa


Photo Credit:  Pravin Premkumar

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